Cranetech can apply current technology to your crane to meet today's demands, like new applications and new production needs. Our Modifications & Retrofitting team can perform on-site or off-site crane Modifications & Retrofitting. Crane Tech Material Handling Equipment’s Experienced byExperience

Crane Modifications & Retrofitting can result in the following:

  • Increase Capacity
  • Improved Safety
  • Simplified Operation
  • Reduced Operating Costs

A company like ours can be successful only if it is supported by a strong dedicated team of professionals providing efficient manufacturing results for our clients. Our manufacturing faculty working for the production of cable trolley in Coimbatore is backed with the latest state-of-art equipment’s, machineries and other facilities to help them provide the best results. A team of well trained and experienced engineers is present at all the times to ensure safe and efficient running of the tools and manufacturing machines

Modifications & Retrofitting

Crane Safety

  • We ensure the crane’s safety by always fulfilling the latest regulations
  • Equipment & machinery classification updates
  • Sophisticated drives & control systems offer the highest possible positioning accuracy
  • Boost the safety operation & trustworthiness of your crane with long-term modernization options
  • Better visibility & control of the crane’s load boosts safety

Crane Capacity

  • Increased automation of new cranes, as well as existing cranes
  • The performance of the crane is boosted by the newest handling systems & load positioning
  • Increase the lifting & speed performance of the cranes
  • The up-to-date crane control methods are available

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