Cranes implemented in production manufacturers are generally impermanent structures. These temporary structures are either fixed to a crane constructed for a particular purpose of loading heavy objects or fixed to the base. These heavy vehicles can be handled in several ways like inherent control station, infrared (IR) control and radio control utilizing an operator staying in the compartment of crane or by the push button Pendant for Crane.

Cranetech pendant are ideally used for small hoist applications, for control circuit in both single and double row versions, for control and direct switching power circuits & for tail lift controls.

Our Push Button Pendant Station are available to fit a wide variety of applications from the simplest one motion hoist to three-motion cranes with multiple switches and accessories. Features: Compact safety yellow enclosure Two-piece enclosure simplified field wiring Easy to read legend plates Neoprene Booted buttons NEMA 4x Enclosure rating Degree of protection IP65.-15°C to 70°C (5°F to 160°F) operation temperature Listed Contacts rated 5A at 120 VAC100 G shock resistance Indoor or outdoor use.


This push button pendant is available in single as well as double speed versions. This is also available in double row (horizontal) types and single row (vertical) types. We are offering the twenty five different Pendant Push Button Stations Versions. The important applications of this pendant for crane include,

  • User friendly because of light weight and easy to use operations.
  • Suitable Cabling Space
  • From two to fourteen push buttons on vertical and horizontal types are various versions available.
  • Two sided shielded or insulated cases in self-extinguishing material of thermoplastic
  • Double insulated enclosures in thermoplastic self-extinguishing material (ABS)
  • Version available from 2 push buttons up to 14 push buttons on horizontal and vertical type
  • Adequate cabling space
  • Ease of use due to light and user friendly functions

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