Anti Collision Sensors

The Anti-collision System is designed to avoid the collision of two adjacent cranes in the same bay running on the same rails. This system when installed on the two adjacent cranes will avoid the collision of two cranes.    

The system works on the principle of retro -reflective infrared waves. It consists of an emitter and sensor module and a special reflector. The emitter emits the infrared waves in the direction of the reflector. The reflector reflects these infrared waves back to the sensor. The sensor senses the presence of these reflected infrared waves and activates an alarm signal and stops / reduces the speed of the crane. Thus if the two cranes are away from each other then the reflected waves will not reach the sensor and the cranes operate normally. The distance between the reflector and the sensor to detect the presence of infrared waves can be adjusted with the help of the potentiometer provided on the system. The maximum distances between the two cranes to generate the alarm signal can be maximum 10 meters. The anti-collision system is specially designed for the Crane application and is suitable for the continuous duty.


Each system consists of an Emitter/sensor module and a Reflector. The emitter/ sensor module is installed on one crane, and the corresponding reflector is installed on the opposite crane. Hence to avoid the collision between two adjacent cranes two sets of each emitter/sensor module and reflectors are required.The system allows reliable prevention of collisions between two cranes acting closely to each other. Both for outdoor applications and in-door cranes


  • Supply Voltage: 110/220 v AC
  • Output contact rating: 5A / 10A at 110 VAC
  • Operating temperature: Up to70 C
  • Sensitivity adjustment: 25 to 100%
  • Maximum sensing distance: 10 meters
  • High performance infrared sensors not distorted by dust and fog
  • Tolerant against lateral offset
  • For outdoor applications delivered with idle mode heating
  • Robust shock proof polyester casing
  • With 1 or 2 switch points

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